How does the THRIVE Online Health Program Work?

Quite simply, THRIVE provides you with a decade of research and personal experience, distilled down to 8 weeks of potent, practical, and proven advice that will dramatically change the effectiveness of how you take care of your health.

During these 8 weeks you will learn how to take care of your body and mind primarily through mindset, nutrition, supplementation, and therapies that have been historically proven to work for human beings. Timely expert support and a health-minded community round out this unique and powerful program, to give you everything you need to dominate your health journey on your terms.

The core components in THRIVE that will completely change how you understand and take care of your health, include:

Education – If you are not sure what is going on or why it is happening, and you are swimming in a sea of confusing and conflicting information, your chances of becoming well are very slim. In THRIVE, you are provided with a powerful yet simplified working knowledge of the body so you can start to become an expert and eliminate the confusion around your health. What’s even better, this education is constantly reviewed, updated, and tweaked to keep you on the cutting edge of your health!

Execution – You know as well as I do that without execution, absolutely NOTHING changes. THRIVE was created with simplicity of execution as the top priority. I knew that if it was too difficult to understand, no one would do it. I knew that if it was too complicated to incorporate into daily life, that no one would do it. This is the beauty of the THRIVE plan, because the only way you can really fail at not improving your health is by not doing it!

Empowerment – This is the moment where proper execution leads to self-actualization, which essentially means your commitment to the THRIVE plan has resulted in a personal experience that now provides you with an increased confidence that you know what you are doing to live your life to your full potential. THRIVE testimonials (more below) are PROOF of the empowerment created when participating in THRIVE!

Encouragement – Everyone requires the right encouragement to succeed at a higher level in life, and your health is no different. Through our THRIVE Health Desk (Interactive and Premium Programs Only) you can tap into the expertise of a very experienced holistic health coach, as well as engage with your fellow THRIVERS for moral support!

Electronic Delivery – In the digital age, there is no reason for you to not have access to the best programs out there, and be able to generate results from the comfort of your own home. My online membership delivery system overcomes busy lifestyles, scheduling conflicts, and location restrictions to make it much easier for you to create the body and mind you love! And for those who want to take your experience offline, you also have that option!

Watch the full THRIVE experience video below for a complete breakdown of the program and how it can help you fix your health concerns!

Derek Henry, Founder of THRIVE

After becoming extremely ill at age 30, I was forced to find a better way than what was being presented to me from conventional medicine. After 5 years, 3500 hours of scientific research, over $35,000 experimenting with alternative medicine, and a total of 10 years of personal experimentation, I managed to heal myself of the chronic conditions that plagued me through a completely natural and holistic approach. These conditions included candidiasis, rheumatoid arthritis, leaky gut, swollen lymph nodes, prostatitis, liver and kidney issues, allergies, and pancreas problems.

As a result of this one in a million self-directed health transformation, I deeply felt that this life saving information had to get into the hands of those who truly wanted to change their health for the better. I needed to help people understand that a healthy life is right under their nose, and that healing is not as complicated as it may appear.

I started by educating the world through over 500 natural health articles, that have been featured on Healing the Body and many other popular health websites such as Natural News, Healthy Holistic Living, Underground Health, Real Farmacy, Natural Cures Not Medicine, and more. I then started to create my signature holistic health coaching programs, which allowed me to help others create their own health success story!

THRIVE was created to bring true health to anyone who really believes their body can become well again, and simply need the detailed road map to do so on their terms. The digital and educational format allows people across the world to enjoy the comprehensive benefits of a holistic lifestyle plan which has allowed countless people to dramatically improve their chronic health conditions!

I look forward to helping you feel GREAT again through the THRIVE approach!

The Education

We tackle everything you need to know in order to create a body and mind you can truly enjoy! Click on each week to get more information.

Week 1 – Maintaining the Proper Mindset (Featured Expert: Emmanuel Dagher)

Learn how to create a healthy mindset through specific nutritional choices and various practices and therapies. Powerful foods, herbs, and other plant based medicines beneficial to a healthy mindset are identified, as well as proven mental techniques. Mindset master Emmanuel Dagher (Author of Easy Breezy Miracle and Easy Breezy Prosperity) is our featured expert interview, and Jason Christoff (Owner, Physical Limits Health and Fitness) will focus in on self sabotage and how to overcome it in our second interview!

Week 2 – Therapeutic Nutrition & Supplementation (Featured Expert: Mike Adams)

Learn how to nail your nutrition so that you can annihilate nearly any health concern. My special 60 day Digestive Reset Diet will show you exactly how to do it, in record time! Superior supplementation choices will also be identified, so you can create a synergy that outperforms any other nutritional plan. Awesome recipes included to get you started! Nutrition and supplement guru Mike Adams (Founder of provides further insight in our expert interview!

Week 3 – Eliminating Toxins (Featured Expert: LeAnn Fritz N.D.)

Learn about the most prevalent toxins lurking in your food, water, air, and personal care and household products, and how to eliminate them from your life effectively. Top toxins causing the most health issues today are identified, along with ways to eliminate them from your life naturally and effectively. LeAnn Fritz, N.D., is the featured expert and will provides further insight in our expert interview.

Week 4 – Creating Optimal Digestion and Immunity (Featured Expert: Lisa Wilson)

Learn about the dynamic of your inner ecology and how to feed it in a way that results in superior digestion and immune system function. Relatively unknown digestion “deal breakers” are examined and solutions provided to help you master your “gateway to health”. The 4 steps to resetting your digestion along with the powerful Digestive Reset Diet are included to alleviate and eliminate any digestive concern. Digestion expert Lisa Wilson (Founder of the Raw Food Institute) provides additional insight in our expert interview!

Week 5 – Balancing your Hormones (Featured Expert: Katrine Volynsky)

Learn more about the most dynamic system in your body, and how to support your hormones holistically so poor skin, energy, mood, and sleep become a thing of the past! Special attention is given to the sex hormones, thyroid, and adrenals, along with guidance on how to optimize their function naturally. Balance your hormones, and you will balance your life! Featured expert Katrine Volynsky (Founder of the Institute of Advanced Natural Health Sciences), and Jill Grunewald (Founder of Healthful Elements), provide additional insight in our expert interviews!

Week 6 – Cleansing and Detoxification (Featured Expert: Dr. Chris Spooner, N.D.)

Learn the difference between cleansing and detoxifying and when to do each of them and in what order for optimal and safer toxin removal. 4 simple but crucial steps identified, along with other important procedures and supplements to help streamline the process. A low toxic load means a happier and healthier you! Dr. Chris Spooner (Founder of the Paradigm Naturopathic Clinic), provides further insight in our expert interview!

Week 7 – Doing the right type of Exercise (Featured Expert: Frank Tortorici)

Learn when to do exercise, and what types, based on your current level of health. Most impactful and beneficial exercises that you can do in your home are identified, as well as special nutritional considerations before, during, and after your workout to maximize your results. Prepare for some myths to be busted! Frank Tortorici, an accomplished personal trainer and nutritionist, provides more insight in our expert interview.

Week 8 – Evaluation and Maintenance

A review of the course material and how to keep moving forward on your own (based on your current level of health), in order to live your healthiest life! A summary of the most important components are identified, as well as important resources to utilize in order to continue to be empowered in your health choices going forward.

BONUS 1 – Natural Pharmacy

Learn about the most important natural remedies for the most common conditions, and what exactly to stock in your cupboards and fridge in the case of any impending sickness or emergency. 11 common conditions addressed.

BONUS 2 – Alternative Therapies

Learn more about 6 alternative therapies, and what each of them can do for you and your health situation. Important information for those who want to take their health to another level!

BONUS 3 – Boosting Your Brain Health

Learn about the critical factors required to get the most out of your brain, so you can help yourself achieve more clarity and improved memory. Foods, herbs, and techniques identified.

How Much Time Do I Need For THRIVE?

If you are going to participate fully in the interactive programs, you will need anywhere from 2-3 hours for each weeks material to get the full effect. However, please note that all content is downloadable and the THRIVE Health Desk (Interactive and Premium Programs Only) is available to participate in for LIFE. This way you can access the various materials at any time convenient to YOU, without missing anything! THRIVE was created to adapt to YOUR specific schedule!

The Execution

Although there are many pieces that help create your results in THRIVE, these three components are ultimately responsible for setting you up for a lifetime of good health!


The DRD (Digestive Reset Diet) is a highly proven 60 day nutrition plan that has helped thousands of people transform their entire body into a well-oiled machine! With easy to understand guidelines, recipes, and flexibility, it’s extremely effective and simple. Best of all, it can be a plan you follow for life!

Health Desk

Exceptional support is never far away with the THRIVE Health Desk! This online member forum allows you to ask questions related to your health journey to a highly regarded holistic health coach, as well as plug into a community who “gets you”. Lifetime access makes this a favourite! (Interactive and Premium Programs Only)

1:1 Coaching

THRIVE is set up to put you in control of your creating your desired level of health, but some may require some one-on-one time to take care of more stubborn issues. Simply book a consultation and you will get that highly individualized attention you require to add rocket fuel to your results. (Interactive and Premium Programs Only)

The Empowerment

By simply executing the THRIVE lifestyle plan, you get to enjoy results that are rarely seen in the health industry. These are just a few of the empowered THRIVERS who have left their health problems behind!

“In December of 2016, I began to have excruciating pain in my thumbs and wrists and some of my fingers. It became progressively worse so I went to my family doctor. He put me on naproxin for the pain. Shortly after, my left leg and knee doubled in size. In January, I saw a specialist and was diagnosed with rheumatoid arthritis. She prescribed prednisone and methotrexate pills. Since the combination did not work for me, I was switched to methotrexate by injection and leflunomide. My hair began to fall out at an alarming rate from these drugs. Again, my knee doubled in size. I was given a cortisone injection with some relief after a few days. The drugs were changed up a few times before I got some relief but still hair loss and knee trouble. I was talking with my daughter and she suggested I speak with Derek Henry and try his THRIVE Program. It took me a while to actually make the move and contact him. I have to say that was the BEST thing I have ever done!! I started Derek’s program and the nutritional plan. Two weeks into the program my knee was down to normal size. Approximately three to four weeks I was off blood pressure medication and the arthritis meds were reduced! Two months ago I became medication free! If you have any health issues, Derek is your man. Thanks so much Derek. Your program is amazing!!”
– Darlene A., Indian Head, SK Canada

“I am a type II diabetic (insulin dependent) with severe diabetic neuropathy. I knew I wanted to find natural alternatives to my physical problems but did not know where to begin. Fortunately, I found THRIVE. By the end of the first 8 weeks, I was off all medications except insulin. That’s 6 prescriptions I no longer needed and I was sleeping well (without medications) and feeling better than I have in years! I still have some work to do but I now have the knowledge and the tools to continue on this journey to a change for the better.”
– Karen L., LA

“I developed extreme hand eczema about 4 months after the birth of my son. While trying to find a remedy, a Naturopath determined that I had also developed Graves’ disease. A form of hyperthyroidism. There was obviously something going on with my immune system. A friend referred me to Derek Henry and his THRIVE online health program. Boy, I thought I had a good handle on healthy living until I received Derek’s remarkable research. It really opened my eyes! Three weeks into the Digestive Reset Diet, my hair loss (symptom from thyroid disease) reduced substantially, my hands were showing massive improvement and my sugar cravings significantly decreased. This is impressive coming from a refined sugar addict! I completed the Digestive Reset Diet and continued to implement many of the THRIVE approved foods and supplements in my daily diet. In doing so, my thyroid levels have normalized, my hands are 99% better and my energy levels are amazing. Even after hours a night wakings with a toddler!”
– Erin F., Kelowna, BC

I have been living with and trying to manage symptoms from Crohn’s Disease for nearly three decades now and I am only 37 years old. Over the last 5-10 years issues with adrenal fatigue, candida, thyroid and hormonal imbalances, low energy and many more symptoms have also come into play. I had been on various immunosuppressants drugs, as well as various steroids for the better part of my life. I had tried several different roads to health such as naturopaths, “healthy eating” etc. I had mild successes, however my normal day to day still involved a lot of pain, discomfort, highs and lows and it’s what I have been used to for the last 30 years. I was skeptical at first that Derek would be able provide me with any information that was different than what I had heard from my naturopath. I was wrong. The THRIVE program changed my life. Within weeks I noticed changes in the way I was feeling and how my body was reacting. It was not an easy feat to get over the initial hurdle of detoxing my body, but it was well worth it. My new “normal” is light years better than how I felt before. I am off all medications at this point and am confident that my body will continue to only improve. Thanks Derek!”
– Erin O., Moncton, NB

“I’ve had full body eczema, allergies, migraines and digestive issues my whole life. Have been to doctors, specialists, naturopaths – all of whom told me one particular way of doing things (their way) without providing a lot of knowledge or options. Researched on the internet and found lots of conflicting information on possible treatments, all of which I blindly experimented with (spending a ton of money in the process). At probably my most helpless point I stumbled across THRIVE. What struck me about it was that it was all the information I’d been seeking in one place and it was not too overwhelming. I also loved the option to participate in a support forum where everyone could share questions or information. I wanted knowledge, support and guidance while still having the freedom to make decisions based on my own body and my own particular situation and THRIVE does this perfectly! In relation to my results, my eczema is mostly gone (my legs were always a particularly bad area), my allergies feel better in the fact that I am not constantly wheezing, sniffly and headachy, and I have had no migraines, sharp stomach pains or other digestive troubles for months now. And lost 11 kg (24 lbs) as an added bonus!”
– Stacey C., Perth, Australia

“I debated for some time about whether or not to go on the Thrive program. It wasn’t about apprehension over the program, but it came down to spending a few bucks for my health and wondering how this would work for me as a full time working mom of three kids and a husband who doesn’t necessarily buy into “healing the body through proper nutrition”. I finally made the decision to do something for myself..because I deserved to feel good again and my kids and husband deserved a mom and wife that had energy again. By all intents and purposes, I was “healthy”. I was diagnosed with IBS at a younger age and always had issues with digestion but I ate “healthy” (or so I thought). The first thing I noticed was the weight started to fall off, and one day I noticed my energy was coming back. I wasn’t as tired and I wasn’t having my mid day crashes at work anymore. By the end of the first month, I have my first round of PMS, which is usually a battle but not that month or anything since then! I was able to get through an entire menstrual cycle without the use of any pain meds, and it had some regularity to it, which was completely abnormal for me. My bloating has gone away and my IBS symptoms have begun to slowly improve. I sleep better at night and have lost about 12 lbs, and what I really love is that my kids are following some of the same protocol! Derek’s insight into healing of the body through food and other lifestyle factors is so well studied and makes so much sense. All I can say is if you are thinking about it, do it for yourself! It is a very doable program for people with busy lives. It will become a part of your routine and pretty soon you won’t remember the old you. Thanks Derek for all that you have done for me!”
– Michelle B., Regina, SK Canada

“Derek Henry is brilliant and helped me heal my VERY serious autoimmune disease, hypothyroidism. After 4 days in the program I already noticed my symptoms were reducing. After 8 weeks, he had me off 4 of 5 medications and my symptoms were diminished by about 70%. I lost 25 pounds (which put me at a near ideal weight), 5 inches, 4 pant sizes, increased my oxygenation, increased my height (less stiffness, which straightened me up), increased my mobility, increased my range of motion, and I now have increased energy, better mood, better clarity. What I love is that he takes what can be a very complicated and frustrating subject (health and wellness) and simplifies it so that anyone can understand and take appropriate action. He seriously needs to be cloned so he can become everyone’s health mentor, but until then, his THRIVE program is the next best thing to having him in your back pocket”.
– Myrtle E., Calgary, AB Canada

“Many of us seeking optimal health have put lots of money down the drain on fad programs or on supplements that were thought to help but really do not help at all and may even cause more damage. THRIVE is a guideline to not only follow for 8 weeks but for a lifetime, and you will know what supplements really do work, what you should be eating and what to avoid. Since the program I have much more energy, healed skin conditions, improved ability to focus, better sleeping patterns – the list of improvements continues to grow. I highly recommend it to anyone at any level of health who may want to heal disease, start living a healthier lifestyle or further improve upon an already healthy lifestyle.”
– Scott C., Regina, SK Canada

“I have such high regard for Derek, his knowledge, and the THRIVE program. I have spent thousands of dollars, seen over 20 specialists, and nobody was capable of giving me the knowledge and guidance that Derek’s program offers. The information is of the best quality, and so easy to follow.”
– Vera D., Australia

“THRIVE made my healing go so much easier than if I would have continued to try and sift through all the health information and other programs out there. I was just spinning my wheels before this program. I was suffering from many health problems, which included anxiety, depression, terrible headaches almost daily, swelling very painful joints, EXTREME exhaustion, poor sleep quality, etc. Not too far into his program I noticed how it had been days since I had a headache, I had way more energy, was sleeping better and had no more painful swollen joints. His program gave me my life back, and it’s not hard to follow. I hope everyone reading this tells themselves “I am worth it, and I can do this.” You won’t be disappointed!”
– Leanne D., Regina, SK Canada

“From week one the information was simple, easy to understand and resonated with truth. Every week the information came in a concise packet that was easy to understand and put into action.  Over the weeks my body was healing from my years of use of prescription drugs and the information in THRIVE mirrored the process which was extremely helpful and comforting.  If you are serious and want to change your health situation THRIVE will give you the complete information you need to reach your goals.  I feel I now have all the tools I need thanks to THRIVE, and feel confident to continue this path for the rest of my life.”
– Bruce M., Pueblo, CO, USA

“Ever had that burning feeling in your throat or have you ever experienced sharp shooting pain and cramps? Or have you ever had so much built up gas in your stomach that you were throwing up from the pressure? That was how my stomach felt by the end of the day more often than not. I had tried several different paths seeking healing, and while some things brought temporary relief, all things eventually lost their winning position and I would start over feeling more and more hopeless with each new “this could be it!” possibility. Enter in THRIVE. I have to admit, I was a little skeptical and wasn’t overly eager about trying something new again. But I was at my wits end, so I told myself I’d give it a shot, and that if this didn’t work, I’d start down the path towards a diagnosis of some sort. I am SO THANKFUL to say that THRIVE not only worked for me, but it has given me fresh life. I’d say it gave me my life back, but the life I was living prior to THRIVE wasn’t abundant or healthy. It was a grueling grind of barely making it each day to be a mom to my three children and a wife who could do more than one or two house chores a day from limited energy and abundant pain. I’m still on my journey towards total healing, but EVERY single change I’ve made through THRIVE has greatly impacted my health physically, emotionally, and mentally. I have energy, a LACK of stomach pain, and I am HEALTHY. THRIVE has changed my life and I am so grateful!”
– Hannah B., WI, USA

“THRIVE provides an exceptional working knowledge across a spectrum of topics that ultimately lead you down the path of improved health and empowerment. Nowhere have I seen such a complicated subject presented with such ease, simplicity, and completeness. It is because of this program that I relieved my depression and anxiety, and can now live with a smile on my face everyday.”
– Brian H., Cincinnati, OH, USA

“With so much health information out there, I found myself spinning in circles trying to figure it all out. I became very confused and frustrated at the lack of a clear path to obtain the true health I desired! When I registered for THRIVE I soon realized it was the holy grail for me, as it laid out an abundance of information with a clear path, in simple terms that I could understand (I’m no longer confused!). Not only have I seen a very bad hormonal condition I’ve dealt with since a teenager largely disappear, it has allowed me to navigate my own health journey. Thanks to additional help from Derek, I was also able to get pregnant naturally, something I wasn’t able to do for 3 years prior!”
– Carissa B., Esterhazy, SK Canada

Professional Praise


“The THRIVE online holistic health program has helped set the standard for living a healthy and holistic lifestyle. Derek has done a remarkable job in creating an easy to follow program that provides essential information to help people obtain optimal health. Anyone looking to be proactive about their health should consider this program as an important tool to achieve a better quality of life.”
– Dr. Chris Spooner, B.Sc., N.D. – Paradigm Naturopathic Medicine


“As an Naturopathic Doctor with a busy practice focusing on empowering clients to understand the root cause of their health challenges, as well as how to fuel the body with what it needs to heal itself, I really appreciate the foundational and detailed information provided within the THRIVE program to help educate people to make healthier choices that can positively impact their quality of life. In my professional opinion, the simplicity and power built into THRIVE is what makes it a foundational program for those who not only want to feel better, but are also looking for long term positive health benefits for themselves and their family. My friend Derek has done a wonderful job in laying out this program in a way that anybody can do.”
– Dr. LeAnn Fritz, N.D., Speaker and Author – New Hope Health Clinic


“A lot of people are moving into the health arena, but it is a rare thing to find a person with the knowledge of Derek Henry, and I say this sincerely. Derek has managed to simplify the path to a truly healthy lifestyle, and has gathered some of the top experts in the field to add another dimension of learning to THRIVE. If you are seeking a collection of some of the best, current information out there then you can stop here. You’ve found it!”
– Lisa Wilson, International Speaker, Health Coach Trainer/Mentor, and Founder of The Raw Food Institute


“I’ve been extensively covering alternative health topics for over 10 years, and I’ve never seen a course as comprehensive and concise as THRIVE. It takes the burden of information overload and breaks it down into easy to understand principles so you can take decisive and clear action on your path to lifelong wellness.”
– Mike Adams (Health Ranger), Prominent Consumer Health Advocate and Founder of

No Risk 21 day Money Back Guarantee

We are here to change your health and your life and we firmly stand behind the integrity and value of this program and our reputation as a leader in the health industry.

That’s why we invite you to fully participate in the THRIVE for up to 21 days. If you don’t feel we are delivering on our promise within 21 days of the course start date, we’ll happily refund 100% of your money.*

* Online program options only.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is this the Thrive-Level MLM experience and products?

NO. There is zero association between the THRIVE online health program and Thrive-Level and their experience and/or products. Think of it as its own stand alone program that is not associated with any MLM or it’s products.

What happens after I register?

After you successfully register, you will be immediately sent two emails – one confirming your membership and login details, and one that outlines the first 2 to 3 housekeeping items you need to do in order to get started. Following that, you will be sent an email within 48 hours that reminds you to access your first of 8 weeks of material that will be the driving force behind your personal transformation!

Are there any other required purchases related to the THRIVE program?

No. Even though THRIVE does recommend supplements and other products that are of high quality and can speed up your healing, it it NOT necessary to buy them during the program. Therefore, you can successfully immerse yourself in everything it has to offer, without having to buy ANYTHING else (other than the appropriate groceries)!

Will I get any personal one-on-one time with a holistic health coach?

THRIVE was created as a DIY (do it yourself) program, but you do have the opportunity to ask health related questions in the THRIVE Health Desk which will be answered directly by Derek Henry, an accomplished Holistic Health Coach. For those that require more intimate one on one coaching, THRIVE members can schedule additional services.

Can thrive help me recover from a health challenge?

In the most simple terms, a healthy body is one that is nourished and free of toxins. If you are suffering from a health challenge, you have polluted your body in some way and are lacking proper nourishment. THRIVE provides all the necessary information to remove toxins from your life and naturally remove them from your body and mind, as well as the best ways to nourish all your body’s systems to facilitate optimal function. In this vein, THRIVE provides the material and support to help you overcome a health challenge, and all you need to provide is the desire and action to become well!

What if I already see a holistic doctor or naturopath?

Although seeing this type of health professional is a step forward in the right direction, they are typically not in the business of providing you with all the lifestyle factors required in order to become truly healthy. Spending a few hours with them each year typically only allows them to manage your health concerns, not eradicate them. The 30 plus hours of education in THRIVE is more information than your holistic practitioner can provide you in a decade of appointments, and is typically much more organized and therefore powerful. THRIVE does work nicely with holistic practitioners who understand that education is key to becoming well, but simply do not have the ability to provide you with that fundamental information.

Do I need to be a raw, vegan, vegetarian, or Paleo to do Thrive?

Regardless of your dietary habits and philosophies, THRIVE provides insight on the best options in ALL food categories. You can simply focus on or avoid those areas that don’t fit into your current philosophies or restrictions. In the end, you are free to choose. We just lay out all the options and show you the benefits and potential drawbacks of foods primarily consumed within each dietary philosophy.

Will I receive any certification following this course?

No. This course does not provide you with documents that prove your knowledge in holistic health. It’s intended to provide health enthusiasts with the simple and necessary information required in order to self-direct a completely healthy and holistic lifestyle, from the ground up! Also, implementing an official certification process to the program would at least double the price of the program, and we wanted to keep it as affordable as possible for you. Aspiring health coaches, however, would do well to take this program to dramatically increase their health knowledge and improve results for their clients.

Who can participate in THRIVE?

THRIVE is available globally and to all ages. All that is required is an understanding of the English language.

What if I’m on medications? Will that be a problem?

We created this program to provide a very natural and healing path to help you live a more pure and healthy lifestyle. If you choose to take medications, or even want to transition off of them, that is your personal choice and you can take either approach while in THRIVE. We simply provide the information to help you live a completely pure and healthy lifestyle, and you ultimately make the decisions on how to incorporate this knowledge into your own life.

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